Climate Justice



Raizes supports Climate Justice. The relationship between humans, the planet and available resources is a cultural issue. Respect for ourselves and for the world lies in our habits. It is necessary to establish virtuous habits. Most of our polluting habits risk killing not only animal and plant species but also us human beings, physically and in the depths of the soul. The climate challenge is a cultural challenge, a great opportunity for all artists in the world. Let’s unite, fill the corners of cities and the web with our works and our messages dedicated to the salvation of the planet.


From 29th of January to 27th of February 2021


Section: A Wildlife and landscape

Section: B Marine life and oceans

Section: B Climate change (Global warming)

Section: A Wildlife and landscape

Friday January 29
Release Documentary “City life vs wild life”
by Alessandro Ienzi

The doumentary portraits the contrast between urban life and life within wild nature. It also explores the point of view of the first humans on earth.


Saturday February 6
Online live “A concert for climate justice”
with Alessandro Ienzi, Marina Mazzamuto, Alberto Santamaria

Section: B Marine life and Oceans

Saturday February 13
Online theater piece “Face the truth”
with Lamin Drammeh

Gunjur is a city in Gambia, a wonderful seaside with a great fish market on the beach.
The natural conformation of the bay allowed people to fish near the beach great quantity of fish.
A few years ago some chinese enterprises installed their Fishmeal Factory, exploiting the bay and producing the stop of the local market and the rise of the price of fish in the whole region.

Face the truth is a play with the gambian actor, Lamin Drammeh, investigating on the effects of the explotation of the sea resources on people’s life as well as on international migration.

Actor: Lamin Drammeh

Directed by: Alessandro Ienzi

Tuesday February 16
Online theater piece “Memories from Capoverde”
with Patrick Andrade Mendez

Memories from Capo Verde is a documentary about Capo Verde and its traditions. Patrick Andrade Mendes interviewed some people from Capo Verde, who letf the islands to get a job a in Europe.
Memories of Capo Verde is a documentary and photo project, a demonstration of love to Capo Verde and its deep beaty.

Realised by: Patrick Andrade Mendes

Ph. And Video: Nicolò Narbone

A Raizes Teatro Production

Section: C Climate Change

Saturday February 20
Online theater piece “Rosita e Ramon”
with Stefania Blandeburgo


Rosita and Ramon is the story of a woman, living in a little island who is disappearing due to the rising of the sea level.
The play investigates on the link between social justice and climate justice. How do rich people’s lifestyle, productions and pollution impact to poor people’s lives around the world?

Actress: Stefania Blandeburgo

Directed by: Alessandro Ienzi

Tuesday February 23
Online theater piece “La Cosa”
with Lorenzo Randazzo

“La Cosa” is a short play, dedicated to the memory of Salvatore Gurreri, a human rights activist who refused to leave his house in Marina di Melilli (Sicily) after following the construction of the petrochemical hub.
Salvatore Gurreri was horribly killed in mysterious circumstances in 1992.
“La Cosa” will be realised by partnership with the comittee Stop Veleni.

Actor: Lorenzo Randazzo

Directed by: Alessandro ienzi

Closing Online Conference

Saturday February 27
“Social justice and climate justice”
with Alessandro Ienzi + theater piece “Nicola”
with Giuseppe Di Raffaele

The Closing Conference will be focus on the link between modern lifestyle and the climate global emergency, and about the role of art in producing an impact changin our habits and our way of thinking, in order to save the planet and its ecosystems.


Nicola Prince of the sea is a theater play dedicated to Favignana and its famous tradition: La Mattanza.
Nicola is a young boy living in a little island, with his family. Nicola is afraid of the sea. One day hi grandmother dies, his grandfather comes back home and brings him to his little boat. They have to fish the biggest fish of the sea.

Actor: Giuseppe Di Raffaele

Director: Alessandro Ienzi

Many Thanks to Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, which hosted the initiative at Teatro Politeama